About us


HVE ME OVER's concept is to make details in genuine sustainable materials with a sculptural feel for your special place . We strive for our products to be loved and last a long, long time. Craftsmanship is central to our work, which is why we collaborate with skilled local actors.

Each product is unique in itself, made especially for you.

My name is Linda Fratini and I am the founder of H(a)ve me over. Hve me over is my heart project and this is the story.

Personally, I love visually beautiful things, for me what I surround myself with needs to give a nice energy for it to stay. The beautiful is not always in the obvious. But just as much in the form, lines, the strange, unique, memories and texture.

By pure chance I came into contact with what is today Hve me over's manufacturer of pots in the spring of 2021. The coincidence is actually called Alfredo and is my amazingly creative and energetic father-in-law. He had seen something that I "needed to see" and when I stepped into the small workshop in my hometown of Mariestad, I could tell in a couple of seconds that he was right.

Among machines, sawdust and paint cans, enthusiasm was total and creativity flowed. Simple sketches with paper and pencil were transferred to large and robust pot models. The work soon started and the very skilled and responsive carpenter understood what I was looking for. The work quickly took shape and the result was finally a collection of large pots, since then we have added models.

A crucial part of our products is how they are manufactured. Today there is a lot of fantastic interior design and when I made the decision to found a company that brings another product to the market, it was important to me that what we create is produced as sustainably as possible. We therefore work in the production of the pots with a supplier in Sweden who uses Swedish pine/spruce and with his unique method gets as little waste as possible in the production.

When the model is made for one pot, you get another pot from the other part of the same piece of wood. There will be a couple. When you look closer, you see that the pots form an opposite relationship. This means that the only waste we have in manufacturing is sawdust.

The pot is made to order - each part is sawn, sanded, painted and then assembled by hand and the pot is numbered. No ordering, no manufacturing.

The pot is a craft, so you can expect that there will be minor variations in color and shape from pot to pot. It is also if you ask us among the finest things about the pot, that your pot is unique. That is also why we number it. You will find your manufacturing number at the bottom of the pot.

We always work as fast as we can and within 2-4 weeks we send your pot.

I wanted to create large pots that you want to take up space. The result was a first collection consisting of four pot models. The material - pine, gives the association to the traditional Swedish (for me clubbing in Dalarna and Dallas) and in the photography I let the present and the past meet.

Models Vivianne and Sue Ellen have a softer shape inspired by an urn.
I wanted to make models Gigi and Bobby with a more boxy expression. It feels somewhat more modern.

Personally, I'm ridiculously fond of style clashes and contrasting colors. As much as I like the natural and minimalist. The pots became a combination of just the two. By choosing the color and model, you can get a very discreet detail or something that takes up space in both color and shape and you have "a piece of art".

In 2023, we have added smaller models in the "Timeless shapes" collection. Here, all sawn parts are used for one and the same pot/vase. The bottom is set low so you can use it both as an outer pot for your plant or place a vase for cut flowers.

I want to work in a transparent process where you as a customer see every part. It's me who designs, the carpentry who manufactures and you who buy it.
I want to work on a small scale, close to the manufacturing process. The pots are sold directly to consumers at www.hvemeover.com and at specially selected retailers.

Love the things you surround yourself with, you know when it's time to Hve me over .

// Linda Fratini