A crucial part of the pot is how it is made. For us, it is important that what we create is produced as sustainably as possible. We therefore work with a supplier in Sweden who uses Swedish pine and with his unique method gets as little waste as possible in production.

When the model is made for one pot, you get another pot from the other part of the same piece of wood. There will be a couple. When you look closer, you see that the pots form an opposite relationship. This means that the only waste we have in manufacturing is sawdust. The paint is a water-based oil paint so it is not dangerous to either the people who make it or you who have it in your special room.

The pot is made to order - each part is sawn, sanded, painted and then assembled by hand and the pot is numbered. No ordering, no manufacturing.

The pot is a craft, so you can expect that there will be minor variations in color and shape from pot to pot. It is also if you ask us among the finest things about the pot, that your pot is unique. That is also why we number it. You will find your manufacturing number at the bottom of the pot.


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