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Large wooden pot - Yakusagi.
Burning wood is an ancient tradition that has been used for centuries originally from Japan. The method is called "Yakisugi" i.e. burnt cedar. The wood is burned, which gives a charred surface which is then brushed. The method provides natural protection against fire, rot and mould.

The firing makes the natural lines and patterns of the wood appear and the surface becomes completely smooth. The color becomes an incredibly beautiful golden brown. Thanks to the structure and pattern of the wood, each pot gets its unique look.

Yakisugi allows us to create a lasting pot for outdoor use in an environmentally friendly way. We oil the pots to create an even more durable material. Over time, the burnished brushed finish will change as the weather shapes its color.

Made to order delivery time 3-5 weeks*

The pots are made outdoors, so we reserve the right due to weather, to postpone delivery alt. cancel orders in winter time.
Guaranteed delivery from March to October.

Upper diameter including edge approx. 44cm
Inner diameter 33cm
Depth to plate: 41cm
Total height: 55cm

Wide: 11.5cm
Depth: approx. 4cm
Height: 8cm