Terms of service

When placing an order, a purchase agreement is only made when hvemeover.com has confirmed the order through an order confirmation. An order confirmation is sent no later than 24 hours after the order has been received by hvemeover.com. If the delivery time is changed in the order, the customer will be notified of this as soon as possible. You always have the right to cancel the purchase free of charge until the item has been shipped. Hvemeover.com has ownership and repossession rights to all products until full payment has been received from the customer. To shop with us, you must be 18 years old and hvemeover.com must be able to determine the customer's residential address.

Payment options/ payment terms:


We use Klarna for invoices and you can find their terms and conditions here: https://www.klarna.com/se/villor/

Payment terms: Klarna's payment terms apply and you can find them here: https://www.klarna.com/se/terms/

Card payment

Payment can be made via bank debit or credit card linked to Visa or MasterCard. Please note that the delivery recipient's name and address must match the card/account holder's name and address. We use security standards developed by VISA and MasterCard for payments over the internet. Transfers take place with secure SSL encryption. This means that no unauthorized person can see your personal data.

Direct payment

Payment via the bank takes place through Klarna. Read more about Klarna here: https://www.klarna.com/se/villor/

If you have any questions about our terms, the easiest way to reach us is at info@hvemeover.com