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NEW- Our popular vases have received an addition in the new vase/pot shaped like a staircase that goes up and then down.

The pot is produced in three colors - Patsy - green, Nani - natural, Em - red.

Put in a vase and you get a unique urn for your bouquet or an outer pot for your potted plants.

The pot is made of Swedish pine wood. The matt, robust surface is painted with uncoloured oil that highlights the wood's unique texture and shape.

Your pot is handmade and made especially for you, therefore it also has its unique production number at the bottom. Handmade items are never exactly the same, that's what makes them so special. Small differences in shape, size and color from pot to pot may occur.

The pot is intended as an outdoor pot. We recommend that you place the plant in any inner pot with an associated dish or closed bottom.

Made to order delivery time 1-2 weeks

Height: 30cm
Diameter inside measurement: 13cm
Diameter outer measurement: 23cm